Antonio and Jesus Estrada

Antonio and Jesus Estrada


You may recognize the name of designer Jesus Estrada from Season 7 of Project Runway, but he is much more than a contestant on the fashion reality show.

Jesus and his twin brother Antonio were born in Mazatlán, Mexico in 1988. Their family moved to San Diego when they were three years old and discovered a love of fashion as children designing for their sister’s Barbie dolls. Later they designed for a cousin, younger sister, Sarabi, and other family members.

Jesus majored in fashion design at the Fashion Careers College in San Diego. Antonio is a self-taught designer, having learned a lot from his twin. In fact, Jesus even admits, “Everything I learned in school I taught to him!”

Jesus watched the early seasons of Project Runway on Bravo and determined that he would audition as soon as he was eligible. He graduated from fashion school and tried out for the show just after turning 21. He says that the best thing about appearing on the show is that it confirmed his desire to work as a full-time fashion designer for the rest of his life. “Going into the competition, of course everyone wants to win, but more than that, I found myself as a designer. Project Runway helped me to define my strengths.”

After appearing on Project Runway, Jesus returned to San Diego and presented a collection at LA Fashion Week in March 2010. Later, he joined Antonio in New York, where Antonio was already designing.

The brothers are collaborators in every sense of the word. If one designer becomes frustrated with a design, the other finishes it. When they argue about anything, it is usually about the time limits and the fact that they can never execute all of their ideas in the time allowed.

In July 2012, they opened a retail boutique in White Plains, Marteal& Estrada, with partner MartealBoniello (23). The twins met Marteal through a mutual friend at WAG magazine and “everything just clicked.”…Click To See Full Article