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-mood you leave your house with?

I leave with excitement, I leave home ready to party, I leave home ready to see everybody drunk, pissed, happy, I want everybody to be all emotionally fucked up when I’m doing a party.

-longest set?

Longest set would be 5 hours set straight

-Tracks to bring along?

Before the mp3, before the laptop, you really had to be careful what you brought.  Now with technology, you have everything with you so you can decide what to play at that moment by reading the crowd.

-tough crowd?

I put my energy out, there’s no tough crowd, I can really rock any crowd.


If you see me with a drink, we definitely storming, we partying, the vibe is right the party is kicking.

-women crush at the club?

That’s just the alcohol speaking … I treat it as such.

-Compliment on the set?

Yeah definitely, I like it when people tell me that they don’t like the set, that makes me more energetic, makes me work the crowd more. I like challenges; I like it when people tell me that I had a great set and when people tell me that I don’t either.

-you a crowd pleaser?

I love DJ-ing for the crowd, I love DJ-ing for people, no problem, as long as you got a heartbeat, we good.

-good crowd?

Fun loving, happy, drink party dance laugh sing — that’s a good crowd to me.

-good night?

A good night is happy night, a night that everyone is safe, everyone is drunk, laughing but safe, that’s a great night to me.

-universal track?

At any place or any country in the world, something like Michael Jackson, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough,” that record will rock any party, I don’t care how old you are, it’s great!  The beat and the vocal, whoever produced that record is a genius. Records like that will never die out.

-universal artists?

The people I can say that can be forever playing music would be artists that have been out for many years and have continuously kept rocking without having to produce a new record, like Madonna.  Prince has records that been out for over 20 years they just still rocking the crowd whether you’re over 30 or under 20.

-latino tracks?

On top of my head, Don Omar, Pit Bull

-hip hop?

DJ Cali, he’s a good producer and artist, not much of a rapper, but he puts good beats and compilation of artist together to make good music. But I can always count on Big Pun.


You got your Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, you got a lot of people.  (Nicki) she is pop and hip hop, she’s the new upcoming artist; she’s tough, she’s not to be played with, she’s tough.

-out of towners, where should they go?

They should look for DJBlaze, that’s what they should be look for.  If you looking for a good party, look for DJBlaze, that’s the party you want to be at….Click To See Full Article