Gil Martin

Gil Martin

Gil Martin
The DJ-Producer, who spins the at Blue Martini, Agave Night Club, Voodoo Lounge, and many other south Florida favorite hot spots, sat with anoliefor a brief chat.

-How did you start dj-ing?
I’ve been in the music industry for a while now. I was a singer;songwriter, anda producer.I became a dj about 5 year ago.

-What do you enjoy the most about it?
I love to see people dancing and having a good time.

-What mood do you leave your house with when you on your way to a gig?
I’m usually in a good mood and excited to see the public’s reaction to the new tracks, and I pray.

-What’s the longest set you’ve played so far?
Twelve hours.

-How do you decide what tracks you bring along to a particular gig?
I have 10,000 Music in my Computer. I bring everything.

-What are some of the newer tracks you’ve produced recently?
“WHEN I SEE YOU” featuringAmos.It was released January 29, 2013.

-What do you consider a tough crowd?
I been very lucky and bless, I’ve never had a tough crowd.

-What compliment you like receive while playing?
I love when people say to me “you’re a great DJ”!

-Would you call yourself a crowd pleaser?

-What would you call a good crowd?
A good crowd is group of people dancing,drinking, and enjoying life.

-What are some tracks or artists that always work for you? latino tracks? hip hop tracks? pop music tracks?
Club House Dance Tracks

-What would be the music genre that you play the most or are more comfortable with?
I mostly play dance music and some Latin tracks.

-What are some artist/producers you would recommend as being really hot right now?
David Guetta, Moto Blanco, and Ralphi Rosario.My favorite producer and remixer.Click To See Full Article