Jay Shepard

Jay Shepard

Return of the Native. Vol. 1

-What’s your favorite track on the album, why?

I enjoy listening to “Never Been This Way Before” and “Clean” the most right now. I  think because those are the last two that were written and are the freshest. Those tracks sound modern and I’m really digging the hook on “NBTWB4.”

-Who is your biggest influence musically?
Hard to say.  Initially, all the guitar greats as I am a guitarist first, then a songwriter second I guess, although that is starting to change, I think.  Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Pink Floyd, The Band is way up there. Broad taste…everything from Johnny Cash to Massive Attack.

-How do you feel your music resemble them?
Incorporates strong lyrics and melodies with sonically deep and complex sound scapes.  And it rocks!!

-How do you feel your music differ from theirs?
Put it this way, everything we ingest sonically molds and influences our sound. But, since we ourselves have our own identity on our instruments and voice, etc…it becomes familiar yet different.

-What’s the legacy you want your music to be known for?

Being a great guitarist, and a great friend…and for making some decent tunes.

-For people who haven’t heard your work, why should they be interested in it?

It sounds different enough, yet familiar to someone’s ear. We wrote these songs from a really honest place and we believe that people will find something on the album to relate to. And because you like it, and we met randomly on the streets of Harlem, right?…Click To See Full Article