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Joe Taylor All Around The World

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1-Which one of the songs on the album Anything’s Possible would you say best describes you as a person or artist?
The song that describes me the best would have to be Here and Gone. Throughout my life I’ve been in and out of relationships/friendships with people; most of the time I’ve been the one left behind because they couldn’t commit completely. Part of that may be because I was too intense or demanded too much out of a friendship or relationship, and I just didn’t handle rejection, or what I thought was rejection, well. That song was written at a point when things changed for me; basically, I wouldn’t let the person break or leave me in a place where there is no resolution in my mind or in my heart. It was a turning point. I stopped trying to follow people and wanting their approval and instead followed my heart. I changed my approach to people and lived my life.

2-Who decides which songs make the final cut for the album?
All of us had to love the song for this album. I’ve written over 300 songs for this album, but we all had to love them. Kevin, Jeff, Matthew and I wanted to make sure that every song on the album was timeless. Every song had to say something and be Joe Taylor at the same time. I probably had to fight for that a lot more than most artists.

3-How did you get involved with singing?
I was in a performance in middle school, Joseph in the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat; I was Joseph and that’s how I got my start singing. By the time I was in high school, I formed my first band, “the James’s Band.” We felt we were going to be rock stars. The song-writing process started then as well, and we were together for more than 10 years. The first few years were probably the best I had in this business. The enthusiasm was the best, although the talent might not have been up there.

4-Why did you guys break up?
We had musical disagreements; it’s like a marriage, sometimes you’re going to get divorced.

5-Is that when you decided to go solo?
I decided to go solo and moved to New York City to try and make it in the music business.

6-What is the meaning behind the album title Anything’s Possible?
If a kid from Halifax, Nova Scotia who moved to the western suburbs of Toronto, where he sold furniture full time, can move to New York City to pursue music and worked with some of the most famous musicians in the world, and then cut a record with Grammy-winning producers in Los Angeles, then anything is possible and that’s how we got the title….Click To See Full Article