Julian De La Chica

Julian De La Chica


“Being a composer is not a choice, it is a life experience. I look for answers to my questions. I let the music speak for itself.”
Julian De La Chica

The music of pianist and composer Julian De La Chica is a diverse body of work ranging from intimate solo piano compositions in the pastoral tradition of Debussy to passionate and fiery creations that blend traditional and contemporary musical ideas while integrating rhythmic and thematic repetition inspired by Philip Glass.

Although De La Chica’s primary instrument is the piano, he is equally comfortable writing for solo voice and wind instruments. He also fully embraces the expressive capacities of electronic media. It is in the integration of these organic and electronic sonorities that De La Chica has found his own unique voice.
De La Chica’s use of repeated motifs with alternating accompaniment in “The Hours – Visuals” draws the listener to a central core and then turns the surrounding frame along multiple dimensions to create an all-encompassing experience that leaves the listener in a state of suspended animation. The occasional use of unconventional harmonic progressions provides unexpected twists and introduces just enough musical doubt to prevent the experience from becoming predictable. De La Chica’s smooth integration of horn timbres provides a sense of richness and musical development.
In “Parousia – The Second Coming,” he explores electronic colors and textures against a driving and unrelenting bass pulse that presses the music forward into an aleatoric series of piano motifs that are sampled and repeated against a deliberately ambiguous and diffuse tonal backdrop before uniting and superimposing the two independent ideas in a culminating resolution that might have been inspired by a hallucinogenic rave experience. It’s at once engaging and unsettling, but undeniably powerful.
De La Chica credits his musical development to a pervasive curiosity that has enabled him to experiment with new musical ideas and combinations without fear of criticism. He acknowledges that any musical experience is very personal, and he revels in the ambiguity of his own musical path as an opportunity to find beauty and inspiration in unexpected experiences and relationships.
Anolie recently had a Q&A session with Julian De La Chica about his career and aspirations and also to learn more about the man behind the performer.

1-How old were you when you discovered the piano?
As long as I can remember, I was in love with the piano. It was funny but piano concerts on TV attracted me, as did everything that had to do with the piano. With time, I began to understand its sound, style, elegance, and color. It is really an instrument that intrigues me.

2-What satisfies you most as a pianist?
More than as a pianist, I would say as a musician…
Music, at the end, only fulfills the role of communicator with the listener. It is a magical link between the composer and the public. Therefore, the greatest satisfaction is undoubtedly to communicate and be able to establish a connection with the environment.I try to contribute to life, its pleasures, and hopefully contribute to people’s happiness. I’m at the service of whoever connects with my music.

3-Who are your favorite classical artists and composers?
Johann Sebastian Bach and Philip Glass.

4-Are they your role models?
I don’t like role models….Click To See Full Article