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Ken-Wroy1VasumathiSoundararajan worked as a journalist for Times Now news channel in Mumbai after graduating with a degree in communications. She was a featured magazine writer covering film, fashion, and music. Vasumathi was also very drawn to arts, crafts, and design and that led her to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, where she assisted Catherine Malandrino and Oscar de la Renta. Later on, Vasumathi began printing with a Brooklyn-based designer, which ultimately steered her into a brand of men’s designer underwear, Ken Wroy.

Vasumathi won the 2013 Emerging Designer award, given by Bloomberg’s design entrepreneur program (NYCEDC). Her brand, Ken Wroy, was chosen for its creativity and its business potential. The eminent jury appreciated the freshness of the concept and agreed that men could use more style and variety in their underwear choices*. Our fashion editor, Christopher Uvenio, recently interviewed the promising designer for anolie.


Hello VasumathiSoundararajan!! It’s been such an amazing ride for you! People actually think there is a designer named Ken Wroy, a man creating underwear. What inspired you to start Ken Wroy?
I was simply bored with my husband’s underwear. LOL. It seemed that men wore cool clothes and classy suits, but when that came off…oh horror! As a designer, I was always into prints and colors and underwear was a perfect product with which to unleash my creativity.

How did you come up with the name of Ken Wroy?
I am inspired by this dynamic city and the name comes from that feeling. Ken Wroy is an anagram of New York. And just like the city, the brand is electric and sexy.

When did your underwear brand, Ken Wroy, launch?
Early 2012.
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