Michael Musto

Michael Musto

“When I was supposed to interview Jennifer Love Hewitt, they said that I couldn’t talk about her breasts. And I was like; well I’m really not interested in her breasts, BELIEVE ME!”

After 28 years in the public eye, Michael Musto needs no introduction.  We recently got the opportunity to sit and chat with Michael, only this time he is answering our intrusive and personal questions.

What are you top five favorite interviewees?

Joan Rivers. Jane Lynch. Roseanne. Kathy Griffin. All females let me think of a man…no, let me go back to women. Sandra Bernhard. These are people who take no prisoners, who don’t hold back and who are effortlessly witty, political and you can just stand back and let them flow.

Your favorite interviewees are mostly actresses really, any singer worth mentioning?

I liked Lady Gaga. I interviewed her when she first broke, and she said, “Oh, I finally made it!”  And I said, “Finally? What are you, 19 or something?”  And she told me that she had been doing it since she was 12, so I thought that was interesting.  I didn’t find her to be hilariously funny; she doesn’t radiate a huge sense of humor, that’s just not the way she is.  She’s very driven, earnest, and serious, but a good interview. Rihanna was delightful when I interviewed her, she was really nice, fun and open.  In the old days I interviewed Naomi Campbell, as far as fashion goes, and it was for a glossy magazine, and halfway through she just broke character completely and said, “This better not be for The Village Voice!”   So I just felt great that she knew my work, and didn’t trust me [laughs]. Because if everyone trusts you, then you’re not doing your job well.

Let’s talk about my favorite article from you “Why I hate Sex”. It was the one about sex and the things we do.
Yeah, it was a column about why I hate sex. I talk about the psychology of sex.  For example, you had sex with somebody like two years ago, you run into them at a club, and you think, “Wow, they are hot, why didn’t I pursue that?” Then they text you the next day, and you don’t answer.  It’s all about psychology.  It’s all about, “I want him. Oh wait he wants me? No, I don’t want him anymore.” It’s like Groucho Marx said, “I wouldn’t belong to a club that would have me as a member.” It’s the same philosophy…Click To See Full Article