Stepping Is Energy. Attitude. Movement. Beats.

By Jennifer Kish

Jessica ‘Remo’ Saul started The Art of Stepping, or AOS, to bring stepping out of college life and offer it to everyone. “I wanted to start creating events around the idea that stepping had no color, no bounds, no gender, anyone could do it! People started asking me why I was still stepping, because I was older and out of college.”   AOS also is a charitable organization that holds fund-raising events and then provides financial aid programs that encourage artistic expression.  Saul’s goal is to have stepping be considered an art form.  “In order for stepping to be respected, it has to be an art form.  I wanted stepping to be respected like ballet, I wanted it to have fundamentals and learning principles,” says Saul.

Although stepping is considered a team activity, it takes a lot of personal strength and confidence from all of its members.  NYU’s step team “One Step Ahead” member Delaine Powerful spoke of her experience as a stepper.  “In high school it was just something to do with your friends.  But in college, it became a way to put myself out there, to become more confident in myself.  Since I started freshman year in college, and now I’m a junior, my confidence level has increased dramatically.  When I go out onto the stage, something just takes over you and your face and attitude just changes.  Your stepping only improves with confidence and the audience really sees it.”

The Stampede step team is made up of members from Sigma Lambda Beta international fraternity, a historically Latino-based fraternity.  Their website states their values: “We believe in the ideals of fairness, opportunity, and equality of all men without regard to their race, culture, or ethnic background.”  This is a viewpoint that they carry through to their step team, Stampede.  “It’s about what you bring to the team…it’s not about body shape, color, or sexuality – it’s something you need to find within yourself if you have the dedication and the talent to step,” say members of the Stampede step team…Click To See Full Article