Underground Alliance

Underground Alliance

Underground Alliance, a cluster of electronic music producers located in the former Yugoslavia, originally started as a Facebook group in November 2011. After reaching a substantial number of talented producers and achieving popularity in the field, they decided to create their own record label of the same name. With key members located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro, Underground Alliance works on spreading their brand of electronic music from the former Yugoslavia region, which was recently plagued by war and economic crisis, to a worldwide audience. Underground Alliance’s main goals revolve around expanding and contributing to the development of electronic music, and culturally unify the Balkan region, where the war injured and scarred the social fabric. By gathering musicians, producers, and DJs from various cities and locations, they hope to contribute to cultural prosperity and awareness, and provide younger audiences with a musical alternative. In 2012 and 2013 Underground Alliance produced a three-part music compilation:

Heaven (for ambient electronic genres),
Earth (for dance floor subgenres),
Hell (for aggressive and dark electronics)…

What drives your love for electronic music?
It’s passion and love, no need to look for any other description. If you’re passionate about what you do, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, how many hours a day you put into your work. You’re simply fu¬eled by the desire to learn, grow, and create.

Some of your producers have training in classical music. Why did they decide to take the electronic route?
Here in Zagreb, as well as in many other cities, there is a department in the Music Academy called electronic composition. Electronic music first started as some¬thing very artistic, avant-garde, and far from mainstream. Today it has evolved into millions of different styles, which gave birth to the classical electronic avant-garde experiment. We can say that electronic music is closer to classical music than any other music style.

Where are most of you located?
We are in several countries, all ex-Yugoslavian: Monte¬negro, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Macedonia. Many cities are involved; it all depends on the producers’ location.

As a company, how do you decide what tracks to produce?
Producers send us their music, we listen to it, and talk about it. It should fit the styles that we need and it should satisfy our quality level. It should also possess some originality.

How did you discover electronica?
It all started with rave parties and it eventually became a passion. From there, simple curiosity led to the research of past and current electric sound and beats. Electronica allows experimentation and numerous paths for musical growth.

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