We Love It, We Love It Not

“We Love It, We Love It Not”

by Maria Tran

Trends may come and go, but some are timeless and remain permanently in everyone’s closet (and also their mother’s). Love it or hate it, you probably don’t realize that you subconsciously wear these items on a day-to-day basis and possibly own these pieces of clothing in a variety of colors. From leggings, men’s skinny jeans, tights beneath shorts, crop tops, or feathers in our hair, we are all guilty of falling into trends that are hot at the moment. In spite of that, we are glad to see some disastrous style wither and die away, along with the atrocious jeggings fad.
Crop tops have come a long way since the 1990s, were “reintroduced” in early 2012 as emblematic of the new “It” girl, and are still going strong. Not only do men love seeing their women in a crop top, but also women love being in it! Who doesn’t love a little skin action thrown into a simple outfit? In conjunction with this style staple, this sexy yet mellow and comfortable top can be paired with high-waisted skirts for a lady-like sophistication, or high-waisted shorts for everyday casual attire. Whether at a bar, concert, beach or strolling in the park, you simply cannot miss seeing some ladies rock this laid-back trend. This sexy combo has forever been embedded in some of our hearts and we do not dare let this It girl go anytime soon.
What we are gladly saying goodbye to are those sunglasses that are big enough for our foreheads – otherwise known as bug-eyed glasses. The time has come to finally trade those bad boys in for some cat-eye frames! And as for guys, maybe trade in your wayfarers for the forever-timeless aviators. What man doesn’t want to look like he’s got a wardrobe with classic black threads and drives a motorcycle? And while you are adopting this persona, get rid of those chains on your wallet and maybe upgrade to a money clip – and then order yourself a dirty martini.
Although one-pieces such as rompers are a slowly fading trend initially meant for those warm summer days, jumpsuits are now making appearances for any type of occasion and weather. Pair these up with some statement shoes, and they essentially become one of those must-have pieces in your closet, right alongside that little black dress. If you find yourself thinking you have nothing to wear today, sport a jumpsuit and save yourself the headache! Jump into a one-piece and relax with a glass of wine because you just breezed through your hardest decision of the day.
The most misunderstood garment award goes to (drum roll): sweatpants. Many have sworn to never wear them in public because ironically, as they are made for comfort, many do not feel comfortable being seen in them. Near the end of 2013, we started to observe many brave and fierce fashion-forward individuals rocking sweatpants, track pants, and loose trousers with platforms, stilettos, and stylish sneakers. With the right material (e.g., leather) or patterns, you can soon find them being worn in the office. There is nothing better than being comfortable during your nine-to-five job and continuing into your favorite time of day – happy hour.
Black – the most popular kid in the world of fashion. When in doubt, wear black. Are you in a pickle between two colors? Go with black. It flatters every individual, every figure, and every style. That being said, you may need a little more color in your wardrobe, but let’s face it…the color black will always have your back.
Last but not least, the best trend that tops all trends and will never go out of style is confidence. You can wear that new Alexander Wang dress fresh off the runway you saw last spring or rock the latest Balenciaga sneakers, but if you leave your confidence at home, you are wearing nothing but a shell. Wear it! Don’t let it wear you.