Who is Uta Bekaia?

Who is Uta Bekaia?

By Christopher Uvenio

Who are the top five designers you draw inspiration from, and why?
Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons, Viktor & Rolf,
W & LT (Walter Van Beirendonck).  These guys play with forms and it is always more artistic than regular wear.

What celebrity would you like to dress and why?
Grace Jones as she was in the 80s, because she was perfect; from right now, Merrill Beth Nisker from Peaches; I love her.

What top five models would you like to wear your clothes?
Honestly, I don’t care about models so much, but the more interesting and unusual they look, the happier it makes me.

Do you consider yourself an avant-garde designer?
I’m totally avant-garde; my work is very much like art you can put on your body. I create more statues than clothing; they are “art wear”.

How do you see yourself fitting in the fashion industry?
The fashion industry has been changing and fashion has become more open and experimental, so I do think the future of wear is more theatrical and eccentric, and I also think people have come to the point where they want to show more originality, even if it’s through the superficial visual aspect of what they wear.

What types of women do you design for?

Women like Anna Piaggi and Isabella Blow (both dead): super-eccentric, androgynous, crazy and artistic bitches, with lots of money and endless imagination.

Are there any misconceptions about your designs you’d like to clear up?
Yes, the question, “Where can I wear this?” “On very special occasions.”…Click To See Full Article